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Puff pastry with vegetables, mozzarella cheese and basil sauce € 12,00
Sardine balls in cherry tomato sauce and basil cream € 13,00
Fish caponata with cocoa powder and bread crust € 15,00
Beef slices with caciocavallo flakes and basil cream sauce € 18,00
Grilled octopus tentacles on saffron mashed potatoes € 18,00
Sea Food Salad with lemon flavored oil € 22,00

First courses
Spaghettoni with anciova red sauce € 12,00
Rigatoni with bufala, ricotta cheese and eggplant € 13,00
Half paccheri pasta, with white beef sauce, chard cream and caciocavallo cheese € 17,00
Half paccheri pasta with zucchini leaves cream, mussels and clams € 20,00
Fresh busiata pasta with shrimp scampi and Ericino sauce € 25,00
Black spaghetti with butter, bottarga and red prawn € 28,00

Second courses
Potato and pumpkin’s pie with primintio cheese cream and almond flavored crumbs € 12,00
Swordfish rolls and baked potatoes € 22,00
Grouper steak with sherry tomatoes, olives, oregano and boiled potatoes € 25,00
Beef steak with caciocavallo cream and cooked chard € 26,00

Cassata al forno € 6,00
Cannolo € 6,00
Hot and cold Sicilian pie € 6,00
Chocolate pie with pear and nuts € 6,00
Tiramisù € 7,00

* In the absence of fresh raw materials, we will use chilled and frozen on board raw materials of the same quality

Cover Charge € 2,00

“Le Terrazze del Sole” is a bright spot on the painting of Palermo. Located in the very center of the beating heart of the city, from which the cultural dawn, of people with very deep roots, arise. Surrounded by world famous architectural wonders of Palermo, at our magical rooftop, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Baroque domes of the church of Saint Joseph of the Theatines, and the church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Once you look downside you can admire the magical Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the Historic Cassaro, laying down like a river, starting from Porta Nuova, passing by the majestic Cathedral of Palermo, then the magnificent Quattro Canti, also called octagon of the sun, and finishing its course at Porta Felice, also known as the sea window, Last but not least, you can admire the panoramic view of Pretoria square and its homonymous fountain. Such once in a life time experience, considered by many as the crown jewel experience of their stay in Palermo.


Siciliano €11
Sweet Marsala
Averna Tributo Siciliano
Citrus flower liqueur
Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic water
Lemon flavored Bitters

Golden E. Requiem €12
Lemon infused Sky Vodka
Lime juice
Sugar syrup
Thomas Henry pink grapefruit Soda
Orange Bitters

Salsedine €12
Ondina Gin
Lime Juice
Basil and black cardamom syrup
Vegetable thickener
Rosemary Olive Oil

Rusty Gun €12
Wild Turkey 81 Burbon
Honey mix
Mandarin liqueur
Organics black orange


Averna Mule €10
Amaro Averna
Ginger infused lime juice
Thomas Henry Ginger Beer

Cynar Spritz €10
Amaro Cynar
Soda water

L’Americano del professore €12
Vermouth del professore
Bitter Campari
Soda water

Il Negroni del professore €13
Vermouth del professore
Bitter Campari
Bulldog London Dry Gin


Red Moon €12
Bulldog London Dry Gin
Raspberry Shrub
Organics Purple Berry

Tropical Flowers €14
Cuban white Kingstone Rum
Lime juice
Pineapple juice
Passion fruit syrup
Pineapple and passion fruit cream

Red Hot Mule €12
Montelobos Mezcal
Ancho Reyes
Ginger infused lime juice
Organics Ginger Beer

Solero €14
Esplon Tequila Blanco 100% Agave
Lime juice
Mango syrup
Peach juice
Peach, mango and vanilla cream


Lemoncello Spritz €11
Mint’s leaves
Organics’ bitter lemon

Our cocktails with Organics

Soft drinks
Sauar rouge
Sun signature
Rusty Gun
International signature
Red moon
Red hot mule

The ORGANICS by Red Bull ® are made with ingredients of natural origin
and with EU Organic Certification. Eight different flavours.
They are not energy drinks.

internationals COCKTAILS

Campari Spritz €10
Extra Dry Prosecco
Soda water

Aperol Spritz €10
Extra Dry Prosecco
Soda water

Americano €10
Cinzano 1757 Red Vermouth
Bitter Campari
Soda water
HISTORY: Created in Italy in the early twentieth century. The name recalls America and the typical way of drinking on the rocks, in old-fashioned glasses, a fashion launched at that time in contrast to the prevailing trend. Many stories are associated with this drink, for example it’s considered a tribute to Primo Carrera, the great boxer called ‘the American’.

Negroni €10
Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso
Bitter Campari
Bickens London Dry Gin*
Negroni Sbagliato: Prosecco*
Negrosky: Vodka Sky*

HISTORY: It was born in Italy in 1919 at Caffè Casoni in Florence, from the intuition of the heavy drinker Count Camillo Negroni and from the hands of the bartender Fosco Scarselli. The Count, who didn’t like the soda water in the Americano, suggested to Scarselli to replace it with gin, a distillate he had the opportunity to appreciate during a journey.

Martini Cocktail €10
Bickens London Dry Gin
Vermut Extra Dry

HISTORY: It originated between 1900 and 1920, but it doesn’t have the name of its creator. There are so many people who claim the paternity: Martinez, bartender from New York, Angelo Zola, Harry Johnson, that took inspiration from a cocktail by Jerry Thomas and many others. You know, Everyone wants to get on the bandwagon.

Hugo Spritz €11
Extra Dry Prosecco
Soda water
HISTORY: In n Austrian, the term spritz indicated the act of ‘spraying’ seltz in white wine to dilute it. In Italy the recipe is that of Padua and includes prosecco, seltz and Barbieri Aperol, a local citrus flavored bitters.

John Collins €10
Bickens London Dry Gin
Lemon juice
Sugar syrup
Soda water

HISTORY: According to some researchers the cocktail was created in the late nineteenth century by John Collins, bartender of the famous Limmer’s Old House in London. In the first version was used an Old Tom Gin (hence the name distorted in Tom Collins), which was then replaced by Jenever, the progenitor of gin, and finally by London Dry.Only in 1876 Jerry Thomas codified the cocktail. Thomas, sublime executore and great systematiser, was the first to catalogue by type all cocktails, liquors and cordials of the world in the 1862 book How To Mix Drinks.

Moscow Mule €10
Sky Straight Vodka
Lime juice
Thomas Henry Spicy Ginger Beer

HISTORY: Cocktail created in 1946. At that time Jack Morgan, who was trying to distribute on the market his Ginger Beer, met John Martin, who had recently bought the distribution rights in the United States of the recipe for a new Vodka of the Smirnov family. They thought to combine their products adding a splash of lime and to serve the drink in copper mugs, fabricated by a friend of theirs. They started a trend that, from the most prestigious clubs in New York and Miami, has now conquered the whole world.

Bramble €10
Bickens London Dry Gin
Lemon juice
Sugar syrup
Blackberry liqueur

HISTORY: It dates back to the 1980s and was invented by Dick Bradsell in London’s Soho district at Fred’s Club. To create the drink he was inspired by his childhood, when he used to pick blackberries.

Boulevardier €10
Wild Turkey 81 Whiskey Bourbon
Cinzano 1757 Red Vermouth
Bitter Campari

HISTORY: Created in 1927 as a variant of Negroni, it was prepared by the legendary Harry McElhone at Harry’s Bar in Paris for the writer Erskine Gwynne.  The name is a tribute to the fashion monthly magazine Boulevardier, edited by the same writer.

Paper Plane €10
Wild Turkey Whiskey Bourbon
Amaro Montenegro
Lemon juice

HISTORY: Invented in 2007 by Sam Ross, also creator of Penicillin and  co-owner of the Attaboy of New York (formerly Milk&Honey), the Paper Plane takes its name from a song by British rapper M.I.A., of whom Ross is an admirer. Cocktail with a taste similar to Whiskey Sour, but with fruity notes.

Old Fashioned €10
Wild Turkey 81 Whiskey Bourbon
o Wild Turkey Rye
Sugar cube
Angostura Bitters
Soda water

HISTORY: A classic of American mixing. Invented in 1900 not in a bar, but in a Kentucky saloon, it’s considered by many not a cocktail, but a way of drinking whiskey. Actually, the drink was created to dilute the taste of smuggled whiskey, of poor and dubious quality.

Cosmopolitan €10
Lemon infused Sky Vodka
Cranberry juice
Lemon juice
Sugar syrup

HISTORY: The drink originated in the gay community of Provine Town, Massachusetts, with the name of Stealth Martini. The pink color, given by the cranberry, is for diversify it from other Martini and to give a peculiar nuance to the drink. In 1970 it changed its name to Cosmopolitan. Cheryl Cook proposed it with cedar vodka, while Toby Cecchini reworked it with Cointreau and a flambe squeeze of orange zest, changing the scents. It’s the favorite drink of Madonna and of the girls of Sex and the City.

Manhattan €10
Wild Tuekey Whiskey Rye
Cinzano 1757 Red Vermouth
Angostura Bitters

HISTORY: Drink that made history in the twentieth century, fruit of a love affair. It is said that during a cocktail party in New York for S.J. Tilden who was running for the US presidency, there was also Lord Rendolph Churchill and in that occasion Jenny Jerome, daughter of the New York Times owner, invented the cocktail that delighted guests and, in particular, Lord Rendolph Churchill, who wanted to know the author of such a delicacy. It was love at first sight, and from their union Sir was born Winston Churchill.

Bloody Mary €10
Sky Straight Vodka
Tomato juice
Lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce
Celery Bitters
Salt and pepper

HISTORY: Created in America by French bartender Ferdinand Petiot in 1920, the cocktail is inspired by Mary I of England also known as Bloody Mary. The characteristic red tomato, in fact, refers to the macabre history of Bloody Mary.

Alaska €10
Bickens London Dry Gin
Yellow Chartreuse
Orange Bitter

HISTORY: It has a very uncertain origin, but it seems to be established that it was created in the state of South Carolina and not in Alaska as the name would suggests. The first traces of the drink are found in the famous The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock published in 1920 and, even before, in the famous Straub’s Manual Of Mixed Drink by Jacques Straub, published in 1913.

Sour €10
Base liquor*
Lemon juice
Sugar syrup
Vegetable thickener
Base liquor*: Vodka, Gin,
Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, etc.
Pisco Sour €12

HISTORY: Family of mixed drinks containing a base liquor, lemon or lime juice and sweetener. They appear in the 1862 guide How To Mix Drinks by Jerry Thomas.

Trinidad Sour €10
Wild Turkey 81 Whiskey Bourbon
Lime juice
Orgeat syrup
Angostura Bitters

HISTORY: Invented in 2009 by the New York bartender Giuseppe Gonzàlez, it’s inspired by the cocktail Trinidad Especial with which the Italian barman Valentino Bolognese won the gold medal at the Angostura European Cocktail Competition in 2008. In Trinidad Sour Pisco is replaced by Rye Whiskey.

Old Cuban €10
Añejo Cuban Rum
Lime juice
Sugar syrup
Mint leaves
Angostura Bitters

HISTORY: In 2004 the barmaid Audrey Saunders at the counter of the Pegu Club in New York invented a drink combining two great classics, Mojito and French 75. Initially its name was El Cubano, it changed in Old Cuban when the white rum was replaced with the añejo rum.

Cuba Libre €10
Cuban white Rum
Lime juice

HISTORY: The history of the drink is uncertain, probably due to the achievement of Cuba’s independence from Spain: the American and Cuban soldiers, in fact, would have combined two respective typical drinks, Coca-Cola and Rum, to celebrate the victory over the Spanish army.

Daiquiri €10
Cuban white Rum
Lime juice

HISTORY: It comes in 1896 from the creativity of the mining engineers Cox and Pagliuchi that, waiting for the visit of one of their boss, mixed what was available: Rum of dubious quality, lime and cane sugar. Cox said that the drink was technically a Rum Sour, a name considered too sad by Pagliuchi: So, they decided together to name it after Daiquiri, the beautiful beaches near the mines. Ernest Hemingway also contributed to the success of the drink that the writer use to drink at Floridita. One of his famous phrases is: “My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita”.

Mojito €10
Cuban white Rum
Lime juice
White cane sugar
Mint leaves
Soda water

HISTORY: With the Daiquiri it’s considered the national drink of Cuba. It was born around the ‘30s, but in the ‘50s achieved fame thanks, once more, to Hemingway. The most impressive hypothesis about the birth of the name refers to the voodoo mojo, which means spell. Definitely one of the most famous and captivating drinks in the history.

Jungle Bird €10
Añejo Cuban Rum
Bitters Campari
Lime juice
Pineapple juice
Sugar syrup

HISTORY: It dates back to the ‘70s and was created by Jeffrey Ong in the Aviary Hotel bar: Hence the name of the drink, which is said it was served in a bird-shaped porcelain vase.

Mai-Tai €10
Kingstone Jamaican Añejo Rum
Trois Rivieres Rhum Blanc Agricole Dry Orange Curaçao
Lime juice
Orgeat syrup

HISTORY: Literally means the best in Tahitian. The authorship is disputed between Don The Beachcomber, promoter of the Tiki culture, and his rival, Trader Vic. The latter, unlike the first, has two Tahitians as witnesses who saw him preparing the drink: once tasted they exclaimed “Mai-Tai Ro’ae”, that means “It’s divine, the best”.

Margarita €10
Esplon Tequila Blanco 100% Agave
Triple Sec
Lime juice
Salt (on the rim of the glass)

HISTORY: The drink was created in honor of the Hollywood star Marjorie King, guest at the Hotel La Gloria Ranch in Tijuana, Mexico, by Danny Herrera, owner of the bar and hotel, in love with the actress. According to legend, Marjorie King, allergic to gin, asked for a version of the Italian drink White Lady with tequila as base liquor, which she loved.

Paloma €10
Esplon Tequila Blanco 100% Agave Lime juice
Agave nectar
Thomas Henry pink grapefruit Soda Salt (on the rim of the glass)

HISTORY: Mexican aperitif cocktail, fresh and aromatic. There is no certain information about his origin, but it’s a common belief that he was created by Don Javier Delgado Corona, owner and bartender of La Capilla in Tequila. It’s certain that the place where it was created is the state of Jalisco, in Mexico.



Il bartender


White Wines by the glass

Bianco Maggiore – Grillo €7
Qasar – Zibibbo €7

Piante Sparse Etna Bianco – Carricante €8

Josef Weger
Müller Thurgau €8

Donna Fugata
Damarino – Inzolia €7
Anthìlia – Catarratto €7

Red Wines by the glass

La Clarissa – Syrah €7
Il Manto – Nero d’Avola €7

Nella Mascalese Rosso €7

Frappato €7

Rosè Wines by the glass

Zio Paolo Rosè – Frappato €7

Sparkling Wines by the glass

Prosecco €7

Charme €7
Charme Rosè €7

Extra Brut €11

Sweet Liqueur Wines by the glass

La Chiusa
Passyrah – Syrah €8

Marsala Vergine €9

Ben Ryè – Passito €14

Tasca D’Almerita
Didyme – Malvasia €10

White Wines by the bottle
Bianco Maggiore – Grillo €25
Qasar – Zibibbo €25
Evrò – Insolia €25 Beleda –
Catarratto €39

Giardinello – Grillo €25
Solerte – Zibibbo €27

Tasca D’Almerita
Cavallo delle Fate – Grillo €26
Leone €26
Buonsenso –
Catarratto €26
Didyme – Malvasia €39

Nerello Mascalese Bianco €27
Piante Sparse Etna Bianco – Carricante €39

Terre di Gratia
Catarratto 27 €29
Dama D’oro – Catarratto macerato €29

Donna Fugata
Damarino – Inzolia €26
Anthìlia – Catarratto €26
La Fuga – Chardonnay €26
Vigne di Gabri – Inzolia, Chardonnay €30

Josef Weger
Müller Thurgau €32
Gewürz Traminer €36
Pinot Grigio €32

Red Wines by the bottle

Il Manto – Nero d’Avola €25
La Clarissa – Syrah €25

Nerello Mascalese Rosso €28
Navigabile Etna Rosso –
Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio €36

Frappato €26
Perricone €28

Tasca D’Almerita
Lamùri – Nero d’Avola €26
Cygnus – Nero d’Avola, Cabernet €26
Sauvignon Guardnaccio – Perricone €28
Frappato €26

Donna Fugata
Floramundi Cerasuolo di Vittoria –
Nero d’Avola, Frappato €30

Terre di Gratia
Perricone 170 €30

Le Sabbie dell’Etna –
Nerello Mascalese,Nerello Cappuccio €34

Rosè Wines by the bottle
Zio Paolo Rosè – Frappato €25

Nerello Mascalese Rosato €27

Terre di Gratia
Dama Rosa – Perricone €29

Sparkling Wines by the bottle

Charme €26
Charme Rosè €26

Prosecco €25

Franciacorta and Champagne

Extra Brut €36
Satèn €40
Rosè €44

La Maison Huiban
Blanc de Noirs €100

Sky €10
Stolichnaya €10
Stolichnaya Gold €11
Moskovskaya Silver €11
Beluga €12
Belvedere €13
Grey Goose €13
Eiko Japanase €15
Nikka Coffey Vodka €15

Tequila & Mezcal
Espolon Blanco €10
Espolon Reposado €10
Esplon Anejo €11
Altos Blanco €10
Herradura Plata €12
Herradura Reposado €13
Del Maguey Vida Mezcal €11
Montelobos Espadìn Joven Blanco €11
Alipus Santa Ana €13
Los Danzantes €14

Rum, Ron & Rhum
Kingstone Gold €10
Kingstone White €10
Sagatiba (Cachaça) €10
Havana 3 €10
Havana 7 €10
Kraken €10
Jerry €10
Mayer’s €11
Abuelo 12 €11
Miracielo €11
Wray & Nephew OverProof €11
Diplomatico €11
Diplomatico Mantuano €12
Botran 15 €12
Botran 18 €14
Appleton Estate Signature Blend €10
Appleton Estate Reserve Blend €11
Appleton Estate Reserve 8 Anni €12
Appleton Estate Rare Casks 12 anni €14
Doorlys XO €11
Don Papa €11
Don Papa Baroko €11
Don Papa 10 €14
Trois Rivières Blanc Agricole €12
Santa Teresa Solera €12
Zacapa 23 €14
Rhum Rhum Agricole €15
Cubaney 18 €16
Cubaney 21 €18
Cubaney 25 €21

Whiskey & Whisky
Jack Daniel’s €10
Wild Turkey Bourbon 81 €10
Wild Turkey Bourbon 101 €12
Wild Turkey Rye €11
Bulleit Bourbon €12
Bulleit Rye €14
Knob Creek Bourbon €13
Knob Creek Rye €14
Woodford Bourbon €12
Jameson €10
Jameson Cask Mates €11
Jameson Black Barrel €13
Monkey Shoulder €13
Johnnie Walker Red Label €10
Johnnie WalkerBlack Label €11
Johnnie Walker Double Black €12
Talisker Storm €11
Laphroaig 10 €13
Cragganmore 12 €13
Aberfeldy 12 €13
Oban 14 €13
Nikka from the Barrel €15
Lagavulin 8 €14
Lagavulin 16 €18

Gordon’s €10
Bickens London Dry €10
Tanqueray €10
Tanqueray Ten €13
Tanqueray Rangpur €13
Bombay Sapphire €10
Bombay East €11
Bombay Sunset €11
Bombay Star Of €12
Bombay Cru €13
Hendrick’s €14
Bulldog €12
Mare €14
Mare Capri €15
Ondina €12
Insulae €13
Sabatini €14
Malfy Limone €13
Caorunn €14
The Botasist 22 €14
Elephant €14
Roby Marton €14
Sip Smith Sloe €14
Sip Smith V.S.J.O.P €16
Monkey 47 €15
Plymouth Navy Strenght €15
Beefeater London Garden €11
Martin Miller’s €12
Martin Miller’s Westbourne €13
London N°3 €12
Portobello Road €12
Citadelle €12
Gin Sul €14
Roku €13
Jinzu €13
Etsu Japanese Gin €15
Nikka Coffey Gin €15
Xibal €14
Puro €10
Barmaster €10

Distillati da Vitigni
Grappa Prime Uve Bianca/Oro/Nera €7
Nardini Extra Fina €8
Nardini Riserva 3 anni €8
Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera €7
Carlos I Brandy €10
Martell V.S. Cognac €10
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. €13
Pisco Capel Moai €12

Amari & Liquori
Florio €6
Averna €6
Averna Tributo Siciliano €7
Amara €7
Nepeta €7
Monte Polizo €6
Amaro Angostura €6
Montenegro €6
Fernet Branca €6
Branca Menta €6
Amaro Del Capo €6
Jefferson €6
Cynar €6
Cynar 70 Proof €6
Braulio €6
Unicum €6
Jägermeister €6
Petrus €6
Levante €6
Libeccio €6
Zahare €10
Galliano €6
Italicus €10
Amaretto Di Saronno €6
Sambuca Molinari €6
Limoncello €6
Biancosarti €6
Mirto Zedda Piras €6
Caffè Borghetti €6
Baileys €6
Frangelico €6
Sangue Morlacco Cherry Luxardo €6
Maraschino Luxardo €6
Grand Marnier €6
Chambord More €10
St~Germain €10
Pernod €10
Ricard €10
Chartreuse Green €8
Chartreuse Yellow €8
Ancho Reyes €8
Bitter Select €6
Bitter Bianco Luxardo €7
Bitter Gagliardo €7
Bitter Campari €6
Bitter Barbieri €6
Bitter Martini €6
Martini Bianco €6
Martini Rubino €7
Martini Ambrato €7
Cocchi Dopo Teatro €8
Carpano Classico €6
Carpano Punt&Mes €6
Carpano Antica Formula €8
Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso €7
Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Extra Dry €7
Vermouth del professore classico €7
Vermouth del professore rosso €7
Moscato Florio €6
Zibibbo Florio €6
Malvasia Pellegrino €6
Passito Pellegrino €6
Marsala Dolce rubino €6
Ungle Joseph Marsala Dolce d’oro €6
Bip Benjamin Passito Ben Ryé Donnafugata €14


Virgin Tropical €6
Pineapple juice
Lime juice
Passion Fruit syrup
Soda water

Mulito €6
Ginger infused lime juice
Mango and chili syrup
Organics Ginger Beer

Fistinu!!! €6
Orange juice
Lemon juice
Watermelon syrup
Organics Ginger Ale

Sauar Rouge €6
Blueberry juice
Lemon juice
Red berries syrup
Organics Soda water

Gin Tonic
Tanqueray 0.0 €10
Seedlip Garden 103 €12
Thomas Henry Tonica

Gin Sour
Tanqueray 0.0
Tanqueray 0.0, Lemon juice, Sugar syrup, Vegetable thickener €10
Seedlip, Lemon juice, Sugar syrup Vegetable thickener €12

ORGANICS by RedBull €4

Purple Berry
Simply Cola
Black Orange
Viva Mate
Ginger Beer
Ginger Ale
Bitter Lemon
RedBull Energy Drink (not mixed)
RedBull Zero Energy Drink (not mixed)

Campari Soft Drinks

Crodino 17,5 cl €4
Campari Soda €4
Thomas Henry Tonic €3
Thomas Henry Dry Tonic €3
Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic €3
Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit €3
Thomas Henry Ginger Beer €3
Thomas Henry Ginger Ale €3

Other Soft Drinks

Still/Sparkling water 33cl €2
Still/Sparkling water 75 cl €3
Coca Cola €3
Coca Cola Zero €3
Fanta €3
Sprite €3
Chinotto Lurisia €4
San Bitter white/red €3
Schweppes lemon €3
Schweppes tonica €3
Schweppes Soda €3
Fever-tree Indian €3
Fever-tree Mediterranea €3
Fever-tree Ederflower €3
Fever-tree Ginger Beer €3
Ace, pear, blueberry, €3 peach, orange, pinapple, green apple, tomato juice €3


Moretti filtrata a freddo 30cl €4,00
Corona 33cl €4,00
Nastro Azzurro 33cl €4,00
Nastro Azzurro Zero 33cl €4,00
Peroni Gluten Free 33cl €4,00
Semedorato Rossa 33cl €4,00

Craft beers

Hippana bianca €6,00
Hippana Bionda  €6,00
Hippana Ambrata €6,00
Hippana Rossa €6,00