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The 1st RoofTop in Sicily in the historic centre of Palermo, from which you will admire a unique view and enjoy the architectural and natural wonders of the Sicilian capital.

In the heart of Palermo, Le Terrazze del Sole offers a breathtaking view of the majestic Baroque domes of the churches of San Giuseppe dei Teatini and Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, architectural masterpieces that enchant the observer. Just a few steps away, the characteristic Piazza Pretoria opens up like a stage, with its enchanting fountain, a triumph of sculptural figures, dominated by the imposing Palazzo delle Aquile, a testament to the wealth and power of the ancient Palermitan nobility.

Looking out from Le Terrazze del Sole, the gaze is lost along the suggestive Cassaro, following the Arab-Norman Path, a fascinating itinerary recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This path leads to the majestic Quattro Canti, the iconic Piazza Villena, and then pushes on to the imposing Cathedral, an architectural jewel that captivates the eye and the soul. Finally, it reaches Porta Felice, an evocative window on the Tyrrhenian Sea that invites the observer to immerse themselves in the infinite beauty of the sea.

Le Terrazze del Sole is not just a place, but an immersive experience that pervades the senses. Recognized as the best Rooftop in Sicily according to The Rooftop Guide and awarded the title of Campari's Lighthouse Venue, this place combines beauty, flavors, knowledge, care, tradition, and modernity, professionalism, and international vision. Immersed in the sunlight and intoxicated by the scent of lemon trees, guests can live a unique experience, where history merges with the present, creating indelible memories.

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